Friday, August 13, 2010

Most admired person in cycling!

Where do I even begin? Robin has been coaching me for more than 2 years now and I think she is more than just a coach. She is a mentor, friend, someone you can give crap to and expect you will get it back, and if I said she was like a mother, she would make me clean clean the toilets, so she is more like a big sister!

In the freezing river in Bend, OR
If Robin was not in my life, helping me day in and day out, I dont know where I would be in cycling. She has helped me accomplish and pass my goals. Not only does she teach me cycling skills but she teaches me life skills as well. I get to work at her shop, Uptown Cycles, and I work my way into success!

Before the start of Road Nationals
Robin is a major help to all of her clients no matter what level cyclist you are at, and she makes the hard 1 minute on 1 minute off intervals fun! You wont see robin anywhere without her great coaching skills and a good attitude to everyone!

A little birthday party, and I HAD to wear my awesome birthday hat
I have been given so much from the moment Robin started coaching me and there is no way I could ever pay her back except for hard work on the bike and a good attitude towards life and bike racing! And I am very thankful th have Robin Farina in my life!!


5. Accepting loss in a serious game of Foosball

4. Pumping a flat tire on a car in the middle of summer heat

3. Doing abs and going to Laura for strength workouts!

2. Finding a moldy water bottle and opening it with drink mix still inside

1. Cleaning toilets!!!!!

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