Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 Do's and Don't's of the Off Season

I am currently creating this blog in my study hall class because I am all caught up on my school work and what would be more important than to address the do's and don't's of the off season! Some of these I have experienced during my off season and some are just for giggles! So enjoy!

1. DO log on to cyclingnews.com to follow the recent cycling news and gossip so you aren't out of touch.
DON'T log on to Facebook to take your personality quiz to find out what kind of bike racer you are.

2. DO eat 2 cookies instead of 1 for desert
DON'T eat a days worth of food at one sitting because you have just ran for the first time in a year.

3. DO a couple of cyclocross races for fun and be sure to crash no more than once!
DON'T take a beer hand-up, unless its under 68F outside, if it's 69F outside you will be disqualified!

4. DO continue to shave your legs every day, no matter what!
DON'T show up at a hot yoga class with hairy legs...... gross!

5. DO clean out your race bag that you haven't touched since the season
DON'T forget that you left your cycling shoes and dirty shorts buried underneath other clothes...... really gross!

6. DO go mountain biking to gain skills for the road.
DON'T go mountain biking during/ after it had just rained, you'll end up like this poor fellow below:

7. DO go out and get a manicure and pedicure, for a " me day". Make sure it's stress-free.
DON'T go and get a mani/ pedi if you're a male!

8. DO send thank you notes to your sponsors, managers and directors, to show appreciation towards them!
DON'T send numerous emails to your director/ manager demanding to find out what color the kits will be, so you can start buying clothes of the matching color!

9. DO core and upper body to off set your unproportional body!
DON'T go to the gym near the body builder guy and see if you can lift the same weights as him.

10. DO wear your DeFeet Slipstream shoe covers in the cold weather
DON'T be seen not wearing them in the winter or else your feet will look like the Abominable Snowman with frostbite on your toes and frozen to death!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog, now you how you should live your off-season!

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