Thursday, March 15, 2012

Handle Bar Coffee

About everyday at camp (twice a day) we went to Handle Bar Coffee! The store is owned by Kim Anderson and her fiance' Aaron Olson. Kim Anderson, a former professional cyclist for many teams such as HTC-Highroad and T-Mobile, won the Route du France Feminine, which is the women's version of the Tour de France. We spoke the same language: cycling and coffee! We quickly became regulars at the shop; Alison and Olivia even went to go get pastries for them during their busy hours, anything to help out a local shop (and our friends).

I have expanded my knowledge about coffee, how to make it the right way, and overall more respect for the bean itself! My teammate, AnneSlam told me that instead of drinking alcohol, like some teens my age, I am drinking coffee! I have learned correct terminology in the coffee world and the in's and out's of preparing coffee (thanks to Alison Powers who went to barista school).

Above is our mechanic, Erik, using his drill to grind the coffee. Originally, it was a hand grinder, but because the demand for coffee was so high in the house, we had to find a faster alternative!

Below is the entrance of Handle Bar Coffee, located on East Canon Perdido Street in Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you Specialized for the bike! Not only did we train on them, we rode them to Handle Bar Coffee. It was a great combo!
Phil Keoghan gets a lesson about how to run the cash register!
Kim Anderson.... self explanatory!We got Erik a pastry for every bike he built... that would be about 25, he is so awesome! Thanks a ton Erik!Handle Bar uses the cash register of the future! An Ipad application, no need to print receipts, it will email or text you your receipt!!
Pictures of some of the greatest racers displayed in the front of the store. Notice Evie Stevens on the far right with her Shiv from Specialized!
They roast their own coffee, this bad boy is named Hercules he is from Germany. They Kim and Aaron brew about 15 lbs of Decaf and 25lbs of regular about 2 times a week. When you drink Handle Bar Coffee, you know you are drinking the best and the most fresh coffee around!
Before leaving Santa Barbara, we stopped at Handle Bar for last cup of coffee and a goodbye to our cycling/ coffee friends!The awesome set up!
Meeting Kim Anderson was so cool! I really enjoyed the time we spent in Santa Barbara and especially the time we spent at Handle Bar Coffee

We are now in San Dimas, CA getting ready for Stage 1 of racing tomorrow. It will be a 4 mile uphill time trial wish the NOW Pro Cycling team goodluck! Thanks for reading!
If you would like to learn more about Handle Bar Coffee OR enjoy some of their amazing roast, visit their website:

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