Monday, June 4, 2012

Chi-Town Crits

I got home from Exergy Tour on Tuesday night, spent one great day at home, then went to Chi-Town (Chicago) on Thursday. 

The team went to Glencoe Central Junior High to tell them a bit about bike racing and bike safety. 
We had a huge group of 5th graders, 170 kids and only 1 did not ride a bike! A lot of them raised their hands that they did NOT wear helmets, which was a bit shocking to me. 

I showed them what can happen if they don't wear a helmet by demonstrating a bike 'crash'.  I told them how cool it is to wear a helmet and they must wear it on every ride!

 The kids were very interested on our bikes and had many questions, some we ran out of time to answer.
 The start of the first Lake Bluff Criterium.  It was a great race, the whole community of Lake Bluff was cheering us on and it was nice to see so many families with kids on bikes!
 Devon won in a break with Liza Rachetto from Primal/Map My Ride getting second and Kaitie Antonneau from Exergy 2012 getting 3rd.

Christina got 3rd in the field sprint.  It was a great race for us!
 On Saturday we went to race the Glencoe Grand Prix.  The Glencoe Central Jr. High Band came to play the national anthem for us.
 We tried so hard to get a break away but sometimes the rubber band just can't break!
Laura Van Gilder from Mellow Mushroom/Rose Bandit wins from a field sprint.  Followed by Erica Allar from Ride Clean/Patent it and our very own Christina Gokey-Smith getting 3rd.  The podium boy was some famous dude: Matt Modine; actor!
 It was a fun and great weekend for us! Devon finally got to celebrate her win from Friday by having her very own ice cream treat~
Whats up next for the team?
One of my favorite races, although I will not be racing; I will be cheering from home!
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