Friday, July 9, 2010

Taking the silver in the Time Trial

The Big day had finally come. The race of Truth. My legs felt tired but it was a good tired feeling, if thats even possible. I have been training for this certain event all year, we purchased a TT bike, wheels, and perfected my position. Previously in the year I have registered for more the 1o time trials to race and train and winning just about every single time trial. Coming into the event I did not set hight goals for myself because it was my first Nationals and I did not want to disappoint myself. I was hoping to at least get on the podium for the Time Trial.

After I warmed up on my trainer I went to ride on the road for a little bit because I had about 15 minuted to spare before my start. It turns out that the officials want you to be at the start about 10 minutes early anyways. I roll up to the start line, and the officials tell me I have about 2 minutes until I start. It was a bit chaotic for my start.

When I started my time trial, I felt really really good. I passed about 10-15 girls who started in front of me, and I was really happy when I passed the girls. I crossed the line and I had the new fastest time but there were also about 10 other girls who had not finished yet, so I wasnt sure where I finished.
This is the finish:

We had to wait a nerve racking hour and a half for results to be posted. And the offical results were:

1. Jacqueline Denny 42:23.30 Team Kenda
2. Addyson Albershardt 42:32.70 Team Kenda
3. Zoe Frazier 42:36.50 Frazier Cycling
4. Alexis Ryan 42:50.80 The TEAM SoCalCross
5. Bailey Semian 43:29.20 Chester County Cycling

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