Sunday, June 20, 2010

Traveling to Beautiful Bend, OR

We woke up at 4am for a 24hr day of traveling, no kidding, it was 24 hours! The first flight went from Charlotte to Phoenix, it was 4 hours in a plane and there was a lot of turbulence so everything was shaky. We arrived in Phoenix at 9 am, and because of the time differences we were ready to eat lunch while everyone else was enjoying their breakfast. We had 20 minutes to chow down on out whoppers from Burger King until we got on to the next flight that left from Phoenix to Portland. The Portland flight was not as long as the first flight, only 2 hours this time. Unfortunately we had an older, junky plane with a very small place to nap in. We arrived in the Portland airport at 1 pm and it was empty as if Lance Armstrong came to town and everyone left to go see him. Right when we landed, I knew this was going to be a culture shock. We took a shuttle to get a car rental and the kind driver, by the way her name was Cher, held our bikes while driving.

We got dropped off at the car rental place thanks to Cher, and we picked up out Dodge Pick up truck. It seated 6 people!! This thing was huge!! We left Portland for a 3.5 hour scenic drive through the evergreen christmas tree forest passing mountains that still had snow. After leaving the mountains the terrain turned into a desert, but it was only 50 degrees. Huge thunderstorms pop up all the time:

When we arrived we had dinner and started putting the bikes together. This is going to be an AMAZING and unforgetable trip. The best part of the day was flying over the Grand Cannon and being able to see in person how huge it really was! Now we are off to get groceries from Trader Joes!!!

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