Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to Racing!

The reason why I have not updated my blog since last year, is because I wanted to take a break from all social media posting. No, I did not fall off the face of the Earth, I just needed a little break from cycling (my off season) and media! But now I'm back, and I have a lot to blog about!
First off, we had team camp last week. We were all together as a team for 2 weeks!! The first week we were in Bermuda together... the island parallel to NC... not the Bermuda Triangle! We had an awesome time together. There was no Internet and no phone; it was a chance to get away from reality and going to a true paradise! We rode the entire island everyday, which was 26miles long and at most 2 miles wide. The riding was EPIC! The weather went from 75 degrees and plenty of sunshine to downpour and 50 degrees. There was one ride where we rode through puddles/ lakes that were probably 1.5 feet deep. All I was thinking about while riding through it was "Who is going to be the first one that says... 'this is too much water to ride through.'"
One night in Bermuda, we went to a very fancy fundraising event for MS with the MS Society of Bermuda. We got to meet the premier (who is a female prime minister) of Bermuda and the Minister of Tourism of Bermuda (who is very important to their economy). The event included a traditional Bermudan dance of the Gombey's and Drummers.
You can view a video of Phil Keoghan dancing with the Gombey Dancers by clicking here:
After our camp in Bermuda, we went to Landrum, SC for more training. It was great to be with the team and learning a lot from all of the girls. We have 4 new team mates: Alsion Powers, Beth Newell, Olivia Dillon, and Ashley James. I feel pretty lucky to learn from the experienced riders on our team.
After team camp, I visited my dad in Black Mountain, NC. It is a great little town outside of Asheville; I love the area, it's very hilly and 'Bermuda-ful'
Lastly, I leave for New Zealand next week! I will be racing the Women's Tour of New Zealand. It will be my first trip with the Women's US National Team. I can't wait to learn and develop from the stacked team that is going.
Now that I am back to racing, you will see more blog posts! Follow me on Twitter @BPAlbershardt or Facebook for more updates!

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