Sunday, September 25, 2011

World's Wrap up!!

I had such an awesome experience racing my first European race! Going into the race, I was pretty nervous because I had no idea what to expect. I have heard so many stories about how other countries race, and I was worried it was going to be a shock! It was no more aggressive or fast than an NRC race, it was so cool to race against all these girls that are the same age as me!

I was so happy to finish the race with the field, I tried to set up Alexis for the sprint, but it was so hard to move her up in to position in the last 2k, there was a crash in the last 400 meters that messed up her sprint and so we finished 41st and 43rd. Not exactly our goal, but we were happy to call it a season!

I describe the race step by step in this video:

I am very excited for the next year and I can't wait to race world championships next year (well hopefully, I have to qualify first)

This is right before the start, it was pretty cold!

Staging for the start, keeping my focus!
Congratulating Alexis on a job well done!
Talking about the race!
Making friends with our neighbors, the Canadians

Happy after the road race!
We got pudding and cookies for our recovery.... it was so good!!!!
I have really enjoyed my time here in Copenhagen! Leaving tomorrow to head back to the US, I'm going to miss this place! Let the off season begin!!

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