Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Junior Track Nationals

Where am I?

I am in Trexlortown, PA at a GREAT track cycling center!

I am competing in the Junior Track Nationals this week and I couldn't be more excited!

I am doing the Individual pursuit on Thursday and the Team Pursuit and points race on Friday.

Last year, I won my first national championship in Frisco, TX in the individual pursuit, and won again the next day in the Team Pursuit along with Jacquline Denny and Kate Wilson.  We set the national track record together and qualified for the Jr. Track World Championships where we placed 6th and broke the national track record again by 3 seconds!

This year, I am doing the team pursuit with my partner in crime Alexis Ryan and Nadia Latzgo.  I hope to accomplish more this time around (as my last year as a junior!).  Our team name this year is the Viking VanGarderen Wonder Women (pronounced like vonder vemen). 

When you put a group 17-18 girls together, you great names like this!

Anyways, cheer me on Thursday morning and Friday night!
More updates to come.

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