Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mars Hill Cycling Camp Day 1 & 2


 It's been a great, yet long, 2 days of MHC Cycling Camp.  We start every morning with a nice yoga session with Andy Crater, a pro cyclist and yoga instructor.  From there we head out to the parking lot for a couple hours of skills and drills with Coach Leslie Meadows.  She was the coach at a USAC camp I did a few years back, and she is still doing a great job on teaching kids skills!

Below a rider attempts to puck up a water bottle.
 The juniors focused on trying to get low and hold a straight line wile picking up a cone!
 Leslie teaching how to go through a feed zone!
 Madison (age:12) barrels through a narrow path while accelerating out of the saddle.
 Isabella Brookshire (age:12) giving her first interview to a local  news report about the cycling camp!

Corina (age: 10) practicing her skills!
 Weaving through the cones.
 Bumping and touching wheels drill.  This is one of my favorite drills, coming from a family of a lot of brothers, the boys don't notice how aggressive I can be, and it's great learning for them!
 Practice crit, working on counter steering and fast cornering.
After all the skills and drills, we went had lunch and headed out for a endurance ride.  The kids got to pre ride the road race course for the French Broad Omnium race this weekend and experienced the 3 mile finishing climb!

These kids have so much energy, it's crazy, but some don't mind the occasional push from the back to help them get up and over the climb.  I am building my arm strength this week, for sure!  Having lots of fun being 'Coach Addy'.

Stay tunned for more cycling camp updates!

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