Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice Skating on a Cloud

"Today is a perfect day to update my blog!" I thought to myself as I rolled out of bed, put my toes on the soft carpet floor, and veered out the window to see my fear: God is crying ice pellets this morning! Yes, Charlotte is witnessing the first (and probably only) ice storm of the winter.  So far the only damage has occurred in the grocery stores as people stock up on bread, milk, and eggs; no, not even classes in school are canceled. Unfortunately, the ice has in fact kept me from riding my bike outside today and it will be a trainer ride for me for the day.

SO back to my blog update!
After a long drive back from Wisconsin from cyclocross nationals, I made it home to my bed!  I spent the last 10 days, training in the mountains preparing for my team camp.  This was the camp before camp where I polished off some details on the bike.  My dad and step mom were fantastic help.  They would meet me at the base of climbs with snacks coffee/tea after I descended.  Nothing like fine southern hospitality right there!

Yesterday, I drove back home to Charlotte.  Marianne Holt, my neighbor/mentor/riding buddy, and I presented a women's cycling clinic in the suburb of Matthews.   Just under 20 women signed up to experience a clinic of a lifetime, jammed pack of juicy details and topics about cycling!  I met a lot of new faces that I have never seen before which is great progress in the city where I am from!

After realizing the situation outside this morning, so far I have unpacked my bags. Laundry. And now, I am re-packing my bags.  For what, you ask?  I am leaving for El Salvador on Monday morning for team camp!
This is the first time my team (Diadora Pasta-Zara) is getting together to train, laugh, and get to know the staff and equipment.   I couldn't be more excited to jump on that plane, walk down the aisle, buckle my seat belt and fly off to this new adventure.

I will be in El Salvador for about two months.  I will be racing the Vuelta a Costa Rica on Feburary 19th-24th followed by the Vuelta a El Salvador.  My journey begins in T-minus 3 days.  I stare out the window of the ice building up on the street, looking like an ice skating rink, but I know that in 3 days, I will be in a sunny paradise.

Paradise? Maybe not so much, I mean, I will be training with 'big girl' riders and I am just a first year elite. A rookie!  However, I will do best everyday to keep up and be a witness for Christ!  I am VERY excited to begin; I feel like I am living on a cloud!

I will be updating as much as I possibly can through this new chapter of my life.  Please keep me in your continual prayers.

Thanks for following!

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