Monday, April 1, 2013

The Dare to Be Project

Today at 4pm, the Dare to Be Project visited the Boys and Girls club of Redlands, CA.  The Dare to Be Project gifted thirty bicycles to children of the club between the ages of twelve and fifteen.  Two-time Olympian, Amber Neben began a ministry project of reaching out to underserved children across Southern California.  She comes the children with a message about overcoming adversities and challenges that they might endure in life and bring them a gift of a bicycle.  After hearing an inspiring message, the children went outside to receive a helmet, a lock, and (for some) their first own bicycle.

With smiles as wide as the Southern Californian interstates, and hearts pumping of excitement, the children jumped onto their new bikes and immediately began cruising around in the parking lot.  Thirty cruisers and BMX bikes filled the half-court basketball lot as the children rode in circles and played with one another.  You could see the joy on their faces and in their laughter as some bumped into one another as if they were bumper cars.  Some kids began practicing tricks on the BMX bikes, while others stood aside talking to one another about where they were going to ride on their new bike.  

Finding small moments to connect with a child I asked what they wanted to be when they grew up.  I got responses such as "a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a singer, a fashion designer, etc."  With Neben's message of persevering through the bumps in the road, I reminded the children that nothing in life is limitless.

With the gift a bike the freedom directly parallels to the freedom of opportunity children have in their lives.

I feel so blessed to have been included in the opportunity to serve the needs of children in Redlands, CA.

To learn more about the Dare to Be Project click on their website here:

To learn how you can help the Boys and Girls Club of Redlands, click here:

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