Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tour Of Elk Grove Wrap Up!

The last day was a challenge! I came into the day knowing that if I did not work hard, we would not be in yellow.

I keep repeating this, but today was my best ride for the team, I guess that's a good thing! I was attentive in the beginning trying to stay at the front. No attacks were going for the first 3 laps, or so.

With 3 laps to go, I was in the back struggling to move up. I knew I needed to do one more thing before I called it a day. I was patient to move up and with a lap and a half to go, I saw the hole, and attacked! I don't remember why I attacked, I just knew I had to do one more thing. I stayed off until the last lap.

This was the finish:
1st-Leah Kirchman- Colavita
2nd-Joelle Numainville- Tibco
3rd- Kacey Manderfield

Anne finished 4th in the sprint but sadly lost the yellow jersey due to time bonuses in the finish.

Anne got 2nd overall and Robin was 4th overall!

Its been a good and hard weekend! Now I had straight to T-Town in PA for some track action to get ready for worlds!

Peace out! More for later!

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