Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Russia! Day 2 and a little bit of 3

After we did our morning track session, our USA family took a road trip to the heart of Moscow, the Red Square!! This is one of the churches within the square. Lots of people were there and we stood out a lot, not sure why, I guess many Americans go to Russia because everyone was starring at us!

This was one of the sights of downtown on our way to the Red Square.

The famous church!

Everyone got hats for a very cheap price of 250 rubles, which is about $6.50 in the US, great deal!
Collin Berry with his new hat!

Janine (our swanny):

Chandler Knop with a very classy hat:

Matt Baranoski rocking not only the hat, but the oakley's as well!

Chandler walked up to a Russian girls and made their day! Then they followed us around for the rest of the time.... not follow, more like stalk. Creepy.
There is no washer/ dryer so Jackie and I had to get creative and wash out clothes in the tub, we used a massage stick to wash it around and now they are drying outside!

Matt Lipscomb got in trouble so Ben made him do 15 push ups, chest to the ground. Ouch.

Racing starts tomorrow, very exciting!! My events are not until Friday and Sunday! Can't wait! More updates to come!

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