Friday, March 25, 2011

The 1st and 2nd stage

Stage 1
Today was the first day of racing! I felt confident in doing well in the uphill time trial because I like the climb and my legs felt good. My goal was to be under 18 minutes going off from last year's results. My official time was 18:39 placing me at 72nd place out of 109 starters. I was pretty shocked because I thought I would be closer to 90th place.

When we got back to the house, our power went out for about 2hrs! Awesome! We had just started our laundry and just as we left to go to the laundry mat, the power comes on! All it took was for everyone to leave the house.

Stage 2
The course was a 7 mile circuit with a 3k climb and a fast decent. I loved the course, but it seemed like a lot of other people liked it too because they went really hard up the climb. I survived to the top of the climb and I didn't have enough to keep going so I got dropped, unfortunately. I realized what I need to work on, which is positioning in the field. I kept digging hard to try to catch back on, and I couldn't so I dug to stay within the time cut. I picked up dropped riders all along the way and we ended the race with about 9 girls in our group.

This stage was a great experience and a wake up call because it shows me what I can work on.

Now we are waiting around for the results to be posted to see if I can race tomorrow. I have to be within 5% of the finishing time.

Sorry for no pictures! There is no time to take pictures, but if you go to:

,there is a picture of me time trialing!

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