Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bike Fits in Maryland

On Sunday, my coach and I left for an 8 hour road trip to Annapolis, Maryland. We went to get a bike fir from Stu Waring, John Howard's second hand man. Stu is the best bike fitter on the east coast! The drive was more like 9 hours because of all the traffic we ran into going around Washington, DC; oh yeah, it was raining the WHOLE entire drive!! Those poor windshield wipers!

When we arrived, we had a fantastic dinner at Stu's house with some of Maryland's finest cyclists. His wife made delicious dinner of salmon, salad, green beans and rice! The next morning we woke up and headed to the Bike Doctor (a bike shop) for the fit. Robin was the first victim of the fit, and after her, I got my fit. Stu watched me how I walked and he figured out where I am tight, then fixed it on the bike. He showed me examples of a good TT fit and a bad fit. Most importantly, he straightened me out on my road bike!!

The trip was well worth it, not only getting a good fit, but it was an educational experience as well!

A huge thanks to Stu Waring and his wife Christine, and also the Bike Doctor!

And how could I forget, Maryland is known for the dance clubs!!


Stu, Robin, and (me) in front of the fit station at the Bike Doctor:

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