Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update Slack

This picture is from my most recent race, I got second on a 45 mile road race, thats me on the far right in the red and white. Jackie Crowell, from Team Type 1, took first place. She was not in the picture because she is a couple bike lengths ahead of me, thats how amazing she is!

I have been slacking on updating my blog lately. No I haven't been crazy busy, or given up blogging, I just haven't had a single thing interesting to blog about. Now I think about it, I do have "somewhat" cool things going on. My dad just got married to my new stepmother named Andrea Heller, she moved here from Colorado recently and has an awesome Australian Shepperd named Rena.

I have raced 2 road races so far at the Greenville Spring Training series, getting 3rd the first weekend and 2nd this past weekend. Both races had over 40 women in the field, which is fantastic for women's cycling!

I have been commuting to and from school on my single speed cruiser. It's about a 3o minute ride one way, and I wear my helmet, naturally. Hopefully more kids will ride their bikes to school as the gas prices in Charlotte rise.

I am working very hard in school, I am currently working on my senior exit project, my topic is "Women's Professional sports are ignored in the Equal Pay Act". I feel like its going to be a great project because I am so close to an example of the inequality.

My new favorite quote is "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger". My US History teacher told us this as we were writing 10 pages of notes!

The more I write this blog, the more I feel like I am writing a Christmas card to my family members, telling them how my year has been going. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! :)

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  1. Can't believe you're a senior already! I am so proud of you! The senior exit project idea is great!!!!! Lastly, good for you riding your bike to school! You are a real example!