Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 2&3


I don't have much to say about my 2nd day here in California simply because I didn't do much. I accidentally booked my plane ticket on the wrong day so instead of arriving 2 days before the race, I arrived 3 days before the race. Our hosts had work all day and Robin didn't come to CA until 4pm.

So, I hung out all day long, sleeping, watching TV, making food, and doing homework. It was a good thing because I got the rest I needed.


Today was a LONG day. It began with a trip to Velo Pasadena which is a bike shop in downtown Pasadena. We went there to get a safety check on my bike and Robin's bike and if I would've known how expensive a safety check is I probably would risk it all to win it all! Just joking, it was a good idea to get a safety check. Here is a picture of Velo Pasadena:

After the bike shop trip, we went to pre-ride the TT course. The course is a steady 3.8 mile uphill. There was nothing too technical about it and the scenery was pretty, although I will not be looking at the scenery when I am racing my guts out.

Here is a picture of all of the race food, it is randomly thrown in to this blog, but it is still important!

We had a wonderful dinner with some of the people who have been taking care of us. We had pizza but this is not you normal pizza, all the ingredients made in the pizzas were 100% home grown. They made their own yeast! It was very delicious!

Here is Dorthey Wong, she was at dinner last night, she is the woman that has helped cyclocross and other disciplines grow in Southern California. She has helped Alexis Ryan (my best friend) and many other young juniors find their calling to cycling! She is one of the greatest people here in So Cal!

Now its time to get the show on the road and race. I race at 2:39 today (west coast time). Hoping for speedy legs and a fast tail wind up the mountain and NO Mountain Lions chasing me on Glendora Mountain Rd (apparently there are mtn lions waiting to chase ppl on the TT course).

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