Saturday, September 10, 2011

Russia Wrap Up, Updated life!

So only some people know how I did at Track World Championships. I have been slacking from my Blogs and I apologize for not letting you all (blog readers) updated!
First off, the Russian hotel we stayed at took away our wifi privileges, on the first day we could use the internet as if you were in America, by the last day, the internet did not work in our rooms, so we had to go down to a lobby full of smoke just to use the internet. The staff took away YouTube and the internet worked every 5 minutes. It was a little frustrating.

The team pursuit went very well! We set a new national record by 3 seconds and we got 6th. If you're wondering why we are painting Ben's nails (national team coach) it's because we went 3 seconds faster than our scheduled time!! In our bet, 1 second = 1 painted nail! He picked the nail polish off by the day was over!

Through out the week, I worked on my individual pursuit. I had 3 days of practice in between the team pursuit and the individual. I really nailed down the technique and I got that switch in my head that I finally knew how to do a good IP (individual pursuit).

I was very excited going in to the race day, knowing how to do a good IP. As I was warming up, my legs were not feeling as good as I wanted them too. They were a little tired, but I had to tell myself "C'mon Addy, you've spent all this work, give it your all! Its only a 2 1/2 minute race!"

I got on the start line, and I couldn't believe it, this is it! I started and for the whole race, I was behind schedule, not exactly something you want to have in an IP.

Before I knew it, the race was over and I gave everything I had in my legs. I was a little disappointed because I knew I could have done better going from what I was doing in practice. I was happy because I got a new personal record by 2 seconds and I completed my first World Championships!!

Here is a photo of my start with Ben:

I flew to Aspen, CO where I met my teammates and did the final stage of the Pro Women's Stage Race. It was the hardest race I've ever done, simply because I had just flown from Russia, all they way across the world and to 10,000 ft. elevation!! I fell asleep at the dinner table with my team that night.... not even joking! Here is the start of the crit:

Here is a picture of Aspen, riding the bike paths, it's hard to capture how beautiful it is! (Pictured: Robin and Devon)
Anne wins the 3rd stage and takes 2nd overall!!! (podium: Anne 1st, K. Armstrong 2nd, Lauren Hall 3rd)

After the stage race in Aspen, Robin and I drove all the way to Nevada City, CA for some road world's training camp with our awesome director Kurt Stockton!

I put away my track legs, and broke into my climbing/ endurance legs! It was awesome riding in wine country, I only saw 1 wine vineyard, but it was a great experience getting in great training!

I flew home and started school the very next day! It was a lifetime of experiences crammed into 3 weeks: racing in Russia, stage race in Aspen, driving 1/2 way across the country and doing a training camp! Whoa!

Last weekend, I did an NRC omnium race in Anderson, SC. Unfortunately the turnout was not so great for the women, it was a great race and I wish more women could have experienced it! I won the time trial which was very exciting, and a confidence booster for Road World's! In the crit and the circuit race I took 3rd as well as 3rd overall! A good weekend seeing some friends I haven't seen in a long time and making some money as well!

With ALL the time I have at home, I have picked up a new hobby: coffee art!
During my travels this summer I was taught how to make coffee art! I'm hooked! Here is a not -so good picture, some how it was cut off, I'm not really sure what the picture it, just looks cool!
So now I am getting focused for school, I am graduating early this year so I will be done in January instead of June! I doubled up on a lot of my classes so that all I had to take this semester were electives. My classes are bible history, English IV, weight lifting, and marketing!

I'm saving my money up to buy a car, and in the mean time, my transportation from school is catching the city bus and walking 1/2 mile home! Going to Russia, it showed me how fortunate Americans are to have cars, so taking a city bus to school isn't the worst thing in the world!

Here is a picture of me and my friend Alicia. We drew a picture of the story of the Forbidden Fruit in Bible History class. It's my favorite class, it's very interesting to learn about all the religions!

Stay tuned for more posts about my upcoming trip to Copenhagen, Denmark! I leave this Thursday for the Jr. Road World Championships!
Over and out!

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