Saturday, September 17, 2011

Copenhagen Arrival Day

I arrived in Copenhagen yesterday early in the morning! Th flight was pretty short and I got like 1 hour of sleep in, which is good! USA Cycling came to pick me up and I met one of our swanny and mechanic.

We got to our hotel in this is the view from our window:
This is our hotel room.... yes... the American flag! So cool! PS, the beds are half the size of a twin bed, its cool there are a lot of English channels on TV so that is helpful!
If you look straight ahead out of our window this is the view, another hotel and a courtyard down below with a swing set.... that will be fun!
If you look to the right out side our hotel room, this is the view. Our hotel is so cute!
This is our area for the riders to get ready for the ride... in the BMC trailer! One of the sawnny and mechanics works for BMC and will be taking care of us this week.
Grace and I went for a ride... we got a lost on the way back but we found our way home, eventually!
This is right outside our hotel, there are a lot of shops and markets. It's pretty nice!
A bakery/Cafe right near hotel:
A super steep stairway in a cafe/ are gallery
Right outside the hotel
Everyone rides bikes here! Its so cool!
Copenhagen is SO COOL I can' wait for more activities~


  1. It looks awesome! Keep posting pictures! :)

  2. You've got a nice hotel man! The amenities are all accessible.
    Cycling is cool. Aside from it being a very healthy cardio exercise, it's also eco-friendly.

    Javis Monzalton