Monday, September 12, 2011

One Big Thank You Note

As the date comes closer and closer for departure for the World Championships, I keep thinking how lucky I am to have such a strong community to support my every move. I couldn't have possibly achieved some of the things I have without certain people donating their time to me to make my dreams possible! This blog is a thank you to the people who have impacted and inspired me to do what I do in my life!
This first picture is one of my absolute favorites, I took this at the dock of my Grandparents' house in Charleston, SC. It's a way of how I view a beautiful day in life!

Parental Units- Let's be honest, I would not be alive without my parents. They have supported me every step of the way. Even though divorced, they have come together to support me! They drive me everywhere and adjust their schedules to help me with my workouts. They encourage me to do my best in any sport I am in.

My dad has introduced me into this sport, he has given up many things of his own wants and desires to buy me equipment and dedicate his time and energy to take me to races. This was our first event together, "24 Hours of Booty" a fundraiser ride to raise money for brain tumors and cancer research.
July, 31 2004 (I was 10!)
6 years later, my dad and I climbed Mt. Mitchell together, a challenging, yet rewarding climb! The best part is a 30-ish mile decent! The time I get to spend with my dad is very special to me because as I am getting older, our paths are slowly growing apart. As I am getting ready for college and "the real world", he is keeping busy with his new life!
August 2010
My mom has always supported me in cycling, she may not know much about cycling, but she tries hard and she does her research and always finds race results faster than I can! She is someone who always prays for me and I can rely on her for anything! She is a nurse for when I crash and a hero when I feel like everything spirals out of control.

The picture on the left was at a swim meet 4 years ago, when I was so excited about cycling, I always wore hand-me-down clothes!

Any way you put it, Robin has been the biggest impact in my life so far. She is the main reason why I am have done all I have achieved. She gives me guidance to just about everything in my life! I could write a book of all the adventures we've had together. We've had ups and downs, but mostly ups. She is someone I can always turn to if anything EVER happens to me, she will tell me to "figure it out", or "lets find a way to fix it". I have learned so much from her and she deserves a huge thank you!

Cascade Classic, Bend, OR. July 2011
The one stop shop! I get training done here in the world-class training center! Not only will they help me with any bike/ equipment needs, but you can get coffee from the giant espresso machine! Francisco (the mechanic) is one of the best! He works on my bike so quickly and he is very thorough. My bikes are perfect after he has gotten his hands on it! Uptown has the best brands with the best service and have paved the way for all of my trips, especially helping me fully fund raise my trip to Russia!
This was when the shop re-opened the training center! I had spent 2 days painting that wall from black to lime green!
The uptown cycles family: coming back from some racing in Charleston,SC. One packed car!
This picture is just awesome, I'm probably saying something knowledgeable, Robin makes questions me, and Uncle Chris just stands there! :D
Uptown Cycles hosted my 16th surprise birthday party last year, it was a surprise because so many people showed up!
Angela "Ang" Olson, an employee at Uptown Cycles gives me tips in life and treats me as one of her own, she has 3 girls so she understands me!

Dr. Duffy has been working on my back for a year. If I ever get injured or out of line, he will take me right in and fix it in an instant! He has saved me from continuous injuries and body maintenance. After I see Dr. Duffy, I feel 100% for my races!
This is probably my favorite thing about all the racing i get to do! Being with kids my own age that race bikes as well! Bike racing connects us all from all over the nation that would not otherwise met each other had it not been for bikes!

This picture is at the 2010 Jr. Development National Camp. Major trust on this drill!
A close net family picture of the 2011 Jr. Track National Team. I am amazed by how much we respect each other. We are truly a family!
I got the biggest opportunity of a lifetime to race for a professional women's team this year. I spent about 3 months away from home this summer racing around the country all thanks to my amazing team! I've been able to experience things average 17 year olds do not get to experience. I feel so lucky to have been on this team this year!

This picture is teammate Devon and I getting ice cream after San Dimas Stage Race in Pasadena, CA. She is in love with ice cream!
Our beautiful team! Devon, Anne, Robin, Christina "Pokey", and Erika:
Thank you for including me in everything and teaching me great life skills, its been a great season! I have learned so much in such a small time! Kurt, Phil and Louise; No Opportunity Wasted, that was this year for me!
A big thank you to all of my church friends and Matt and life group leaders, you have given me the support I need to succeed and always a place to fall back on no matter what. Church is a place for me to escape the cycling world and reconnecting with my faith! I have been able to see God's wonders in my life!
Everywhere I go, people ask me how I do both cycling and school. I tell them, I couldn't have done it without my schools' support! I miss a lot of days and my teachers really care about me and getting me back on track. I get shout outs on the school's announcements and my teachers and friends congratulate me on my success!
Thank you to all the East Meck teachers who help me especially Mrs. Turner, Frau Conklin and Mrs. Rauss for putting up with me for the past 4 years :)

This is a picture of my freshman year with my 2 best friends at homecoming game.
A trip to Banner Elk, NC with East Meck Ski team
A swim meet at Providence High school.... fun times!
This blog is a tribute to everyone! Thank you! There are many many many many more people who have helped me! 2 days until I leave for Denmark!! Thanks for reading!

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